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Bill Redpath

Bill and his partner Elenore know there is no better place to live than Kawana Island on the picturesque Sunshine Coast. Since moving into the area in 2017, Bill has been an active member of our community serving on the Management Committee of the Kawana Island Resident Association.

Bill spent most of his life fighting as a ‘no win, no pay’ personal injury lawyer in Canberra, ensuring that those less fortunate who could not afford representation were given a fair go. As well as having served as a solicitor for a range of community groups such as the Domestic Violence Crisis Service and the Rape Crisis Service, Bill also held numerous honorary positions on the Law Council of Australia and ACT Law Society.

The global economy has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s strong response means Queensland is best placed to lead a strong economic recovery plan. Bill's experience standing up for our community means he has what it takes to finish the job to kickstart Queensland's economy together.

Bill will fight to bring forward investment in infrastructure, improve transport, support local businesses and create jobs.