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Kara Cook

Kara and her husband Josh have lived in Morningside for several years where they are raising their two daughters. Upon moving to Morningside Ward she immediately felt that same sense of community she grew up with in the Central Queensland town of Yeppoon.

Kara has a record of standing up and fighting for those in need. She established Australia’s first specialised domestic violence law firm over 4 years ago and preceding that was Principal Solicitor at the Women’s Legal Service in Brisbane.

Kara will take up the fight for our local area on key issues like transport and traffic, over-development, and better local infrastructure. Labor has committed to make all cross river ferry services free for all passengers.

Kara is certainly no pushover and will not simply fall in line with the massive LNP Council majority. Kara will fight for our local community on the issues that are important to us. 

Kara is Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Council and Shadow Chairperson on the Planning Committee and Lifestyle, Arts and Community Service Committee