Join Queensland Labor Today

The strength of the Australian Labor Party is the strength of numbers — the thousands of Australians who are active, committed members.

All people who vote Labor are encouraged to consider becoming members because it is important for the Party to reflect your concerns and ideas. Most people over 15 years of age and living in Queensland can join the Australian Labor Party.

Why Join Labor?

  • Have your Say

    • Help ensure we have the right people for the job. Direct election of our leaders, and selecting quality candidates, is an important responsibility of membership. Work to develop new ideas and policies for the next election and beyond.
  • Meet your Representative

    • As a member you have direct access to our politicians, candidates and elected officials. Communicate directly with the decision makers, on the issues you care about.
  • Talk Politics

    • As a member you will receive regular briefings to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening behind the headlines and why.  Membership means you will always hear the real story.
  • Learn New Skills

    • Help make the news, not just read about it. By taking part in ‘members only’ political training and campaigning skill development, you’ll be doing your bit to change public opinion on the issues that matter, instead of being a bystander.
  • Make New Friends

    • Queensland Labor offers many different ways to get together with people just as passionate as you. Social functions, talking politics, working together on a great campaign  — there’s a ready-made network of friends and connections waiting for you.
  • Take the next step

    • If you already consider yourself Labor through and through, then it’s time to take action. Whether you’re from a Labor family, are a committed unionist, have always voted Labor, or share our values, then joining Queensland Labor is the next natural step!
  • Make a Difference

    • Campaign to restore fairness and justice to Queensland.
  • Don’t Stand Idly By

    • As a member, you can fight to protect our Labor values.

Alternatively, you can download a printable membership form here.

If you would like a form posted to you, please contact the ALP office on (07) 3844 8101.